“Just wanted to say as always. Great Job!
We really appreciate you and the staff! With my job hours and work schedule during school closures and delays were very stressful. However you all took a lot of the stress away by still accomodating us (the families). I saw the staff make real sacrifices to get there and to provide care to the kids.
Thank you!!!!!! Please share this with your staff.
In addition, Ms Ariel and Ms Mary and others did a great job caring for Makayla with her recent mild illness. They were a phone call and updated with important details. They also gave Makayla the immediate care she needed to feel better. please share this with your staff! Great Job!”

- Tamika, Makayla mom

“While driving home tonight I could hear Corbin in the back seat counting. I didn’t realize what it was for a couple of minutes. Then, I realized he was counting all the right numbers.
Shortly after I started counting to five with him. I was so excited. We get home and as our bedtime routine was winding down I wanted to show Brian what a big boy he was. Well he went right on past 1,2,3,4,5 to 10!!!Thank you so much to all of the teachers and to you for bringing such awesome people into our son’s life! We are blessed and very very thankful!”

- Lori & Brian Daughters

“We’ve raved about your facility for years now, and for good reason :)
While we were ‘home’ for the holidays, many of our family and friends commented on how smart Daisy and Evelyn are for their ages.
Matt and I agree it’s genetics (hahahaha) however, we are VERY aware that a lot of credit goes to your staff who work with our girls hours each day while we are away from them at work. It has meant the world to us to know our girls are taken care of each day when we drop them off. It’s even better to know how much they are LEARNING each day! Our sincere thanks to their current teachers:Miss Erin, Miss Ora and their helpersMiss Lynette and her helpers. And of course thanks to those who have taught them along the way….Miss Doris, Miss Marshauna, Miss Sandra, Miss Talita and all the helpers.
THANK YOU for all you do to keep our kids healthy, happy and learning. Can’t wait to see what the girls will learn this year.”

- Melissa & Matt Bitter

“I wanted to just write a quick thank you to you and your staff. Although I was a very nervous new mother at the start, your center, and more importantly your staff, were absolutely wonderful. My husband, Marley and I really appreciate everything. You will always get glowing reviews and word of mouth advertising from me.
Marley is doing well at her new daycare, but I know she misses her teachers.”

- Lindsay Bittinger

“I can’t express how happy I am that Landon is in the class with a teacher like Ms. Chaune! Landon talks about her all the time at home! We like to ask him about what he is doing at school and the things that he has learned since moving up amaze me! I have seen him grow so much! She is so patient with the kids ( i know it can be difficult with all those boys – haha). She is gentle and very kind! Always, stopping what she is doing to address parents and making us feel welcome when we are there!I could go on for days with positive things to say about her! We absolutely love her!
We also love that we can drop him off in the morning to familiar faces and he feels comfortable and safe! He loves that Ms. Mary is there to play with him in the morning! She is kind, loving, caring, but strict when he needs it!
The Parents Night Out is an awesome thing – he loves going when Ms. Rayanna and Ms. Sandra are the teachers.
Landon is also thrilled to have two of his favorite faces back (T.T and LaLa) – we were so sad to see both of them go…..but absolutely thrilled to see them back!
Thank You Thank You Thank You for all that you do to ensure that our children are safe and under good supervision! We look forward to hopefully having at least one more come thru the center…..
Please pass on our appreciation!”

- Sara Hamms