Pre-K Program

The Pre-K Class is composed of children aged 4 to 5 years old. We expose them to loads of fun activities that broaden their academic experiences and also open opportunities to build lifelong friendships.

From math to music, from science to soccer – Pre-K students are exposed to a curriculum that covers the development of:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Creative Expression
  • Emotional Development
  • Language, Literacy and Communication
  • Physical Development
  • Social Skills

There is regular teacher-student interaction throughout the day with these activities:

  • Counting Games
  • Problem Solving (Groups and Individual)
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Social Skills Practice in Individual Work and Group Play
  • Music
  • Arts and Graphics
  • Math Essentials (Adding, Subtracting and Fractions)
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Learning Values such as Patience, Kindness and Respect
  • Skills in Following Directions
  • Science and Health
  • Reading Skills Enhancement
  • Group Sports and Athletics
  • Learning to Tell the Time
  • Introduction to World Cultures
  • Learning Colors, Everyday Objects and Action Words

If you would like to enroll your child at Impressionable Years, please feel free to visit our learning center. Or, you can use our online enrollment form to get the admission process started. Thank you for considering Impressionable Years to provide for your child’s early childhood education.