Infant Program

Our infant program is designed with Magda Gerber’s Resources for Educarers (RIE) philosophy. The R.I.E philosophy is rooted in respect and authenticity and teaches us that nobody knows how to be a baby better than your baby.

Each infant class has six children and two caregivers. The caregivers will spend most of their time observing your baby and learning their body language in order to meet your baby’s needs and therefore create a secure environment that promotes growth and emotional bonding.

We have a streamlined process that will allow Infants to grow and develop by what they see, hear and feel. Because we don’t confine our Infants in walkers, high chairs ext., most roll, crawl and walk sooner.

By providing a room that allows for free exploration and is free from restraint devices, babies can move when they want to move and investigate whatever it is they gravitate to explore next. Our materials are specially chosen to nurture your baby’s senses because they allow the baby to determine how they are used and allow the baby to move away from them when they are done.

The infant program aims to foster the development of your child in the following aspects:

  • Emotional Development
  • Motor Skills (Fine and Gross)
  • Language and Communication
  • Physical Development
  • Socialization Skills with other Infants

If you would like to enroll your child at Impressionable Years, please feel free to visit our learning center. Or, you can use our online enrollment form to get the admission process started. Thank you for considering Impressionable Years to provide for your child’s early childhood education.